“Students’ enthusiasm in learning has been unleashed by peaceful school model”. This was said by teachers at Fusi and Hareeng teachers at the plenary session organised by Development for Peace Education in Maseru on the 11th December 2018.They shared at the students took a lead on different activities they were assigned responsibility on.

Molefi Pakiso teacher at Fusi Secondary, Senekane Community Council  in Berea shared his excitement “ through the effectiveness of  sports minister the school is now engaging onsports activities unlike the past years….”.. Madam Joalane Sekoati from Hareeng High School said was amazed by one of the campaigners who used teachers’dodging of classes as his promise message. “one of the students who campaigned for the position of education minister stated that he is going to ensure that a teacher who may miss his/her lessons will pay for those lessons missed…… that  made every teacher to attend lessons to avoid further embarrassment ….”. She said.

A total of 12 schools in the 8 DPE areas are ready to have students’ elections in the first quarter of 2019. This shall be preceded by leadership orientation on peaceful school model that shall take teachers and principals including those not directly involved.This shall make all DPE areas have functional peaceful school models. It is anticipated that schools will deal better with conflicts and employ peaceful strategies to address problems. Involving students positively will enhance school performance. The baseline study on how these schools deal with conflict and how students are allowed and enabled to participate in the creation of peaceful learning environment is underway. It shall be used against what would have been achieved in the next 18 months. This initiative is proudly supported by Bread for the World.       


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