Sofonea Shale

(+266) 5885 4920
Ts'epo Valentine Mosoeu
National Animator

(+266) 5912 7648

Responsible for programme reporting

Mookho Mphonyo
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5789 7158
Melida Makuape Kuape
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5308 2490

Grassroots Movement for Peace and Social Change

Women and children’s rights by promoting and facilitating public participation in Law and Policy Making to Strengthen DPE advocacy and lobby strategy
Lemohang Molibeli
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5894 7175

Open Communication, Democracy, Human Rights and Political Education

Under this programme DPE seeks; To empower citizens to courageously challenge the powerful, oppose the greedy and engage elitists through advanced technological communication evidence based advocacy and commissioned action.
Mosala Mokutlulu
Peace Education Researcher

(+266) 5803 9719

Food Sovereignty and Environment/Climate Justice

Facilitating empowerment of community based organisations and their participation engagement in National budgetary and legislative processes
Ts’epo Ambrose Marasi

(+266) 5888 4418

I am an online publisher for an organisation and also responsible for website maintenance
Masenate Khojane
Peace Education Researcher

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Rethabisitsoe Manamolela
Accounts Clerk

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Mabohlokoa Kharasi

(+266) 5148 4293

Mohapi Seakhe
Fleet Manager

(+266) 5708 5226

Mosele Letele
Procurement Officer

(+266) 5030 1973