Financial Considerations on Dissolving Parliament

The circumstances under which Motlotlehi accepted to dissolve parliament, remain an issue of interest to many. However I wish to defer that and focus on the financial/budgetary dimesnion of the ongoing public debate over what happens after parliament withdrew its confidence on the Rt Hon ntate PB Mosisili as the Prime Minister. Will there be money constitutionally spent for elections without parliamentary approval of the budget…people ask. I must dislcose that I had opportuntity to listen to Dr Fako Likoti, the Political and Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister addressing this question and admit that it appeared not very easy to get the otherwise clear message across. Looking at Section 113 of the consitution , Parliament may make arrangment under which authorisation of spending from consolidated fund before approval by parliament may be done. This arrangement has been done by Public Financial Managment and Accountability Act of 2011 Section 18 which gives Minister of Finance power to make that authorisation. However the conditions which are clearly spelt by different sections of the consitution are: (a) No spending exceeding one third of total budget of preceding year. By preceding year it is meant the year that came before the one in question; (b) such a spending should not be for a period exceeding four months (c) No spending shall be made on budget votes which did not appear in the budget of the preceeding year-this means that no new project/work can be authorised under this arrangement and new here means something which was not on the budget of the preceding year; (d) spending shall be categorised under items for which it has been done and this shall at the earliest convincie be tabled in parliament. In the event that there is an urgent matter to be attended but no provision has been made and that may not be postponed without causing negative effect to the public interest, the minister may take funds from consolidated funds. This is in terms of Section 114 of the constitution of Lesotho and Public Financial Managment and Accountability Act Section 17. Bontate le Bomme, I just wanted to add this to your lively debate. I hope it does not only add value to this public discourse but also reduce emotional engagement. Now the floor is open for comments. Thank you.