DPE Coordinator observes Angolan Elections under African Union

Development for Peace Education-DPE Coordinator Mr. Sofonea Shale
is part of the delegation that is observing elections in Angola under
African union.

Angola is a country with rich history particular in search for a common
ground following liberation struggle and civil war. Surely it would be
rewarding to share into Shale’s daily experiences in the observation
responsibilities but as a matter of principle of a rule rather AU observers
do not express views on election observation as individuals. They are
not supposed to entertain media in the country or from elsewhere
including back home.

Sofonea Shale-Lesotho and Vera Maria-Sao Tome in the Angolan elections under AU-Election Observer Mission

The only time when they talk is when the leader of the delegation
releases a preliminary statement at the press conference.
Nonetheless beyond the mission Shale will share insights.

Angolans went to polls on August 23 rd 2017 and the elections marks the
end of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos’s 38-year reign.
Shale who carries with him a lot of election observation in Lesotho and
SADC region is among civil society and other professionals from
different African countries.