By DPE Communications


Lekokoaneng High School students’ leadership elections under the Peaceful School Model initiative held last week was certified as free and transparent by a student observer! Bakoena Seitlheko a form D student said the process followed the rules set by the school IEC. This sentiments were shared by other students who played various roles; members of IEC, polling staff and candidates. Students thanked school management for adopting and implementing the model DPE has introduced. Further students appreciate the DPE initiative for encouraging the school to promote the culture of peace among students, teachers and community at large through peace education and democratically elected leadership at the school.


Lekokoaneng High School is one of the Schools within Senekane Community Council which participated in the orientation workshop on peaceful school model, held by DPE on the 17thJanuary 2018. Mrs Melida Kuape, Peace Education Researcher observed the process and confirmed the smooth process.