Grassroots movements sensitized on peaceful school model and culture of peace

Community animator based in Seate community council attended a community meeting organized by Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA), wherein the community was briefed on sound financial management, culture of peace and informed that DPE’s local human rights units will be resuscitated. Later, the community animator met with one Community Based Organization (CBO), namely Itekeng Batlokoa Burial Society to train it on proper and effective organizational management and conflict resolution.

Peaceful School model being introduced in one of the high schools



Meanwhile, a community animator based in Khoelenya led  a sensitization initiative about Peaceful School Model in three high schools; Holy Cross High School, Matsie High School and Mekaling High School. Also, DPE Community animator based in Mphaki community council attended a council meeting wherein the local authorities were informed of DPE work. The community animator informed the meeting that DPE’s work include popularization of peaceful school model, promoting culture of peace and promotion and respect of human rights and holding those in power accountable.