In preparation of the 12th National Community Parliament DPE and PISA submitted motions to the government ministries on the 6th November 2019 in Maseru.  The National Community Parliament is a platform that is used by the ordinary citizens to engage with policy makers on how the national budget should look like.  Handing over motions to Ministries marks the advance level of preparations for communities to directly engage policy makers. They are handed over in advance to enable Ministries to  prepare for responses to the prioritised needs during National Community Parliament. The motions have been developed by communities in the preliminary activities attended by community councils, youth, PWDs and chiefs.

The expected ministries were the ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, Small Business, Cooperatives and Marketing, Agriculture and Food Security, Police, Communications and Technology, Public Works and Transport, Local Government and Chieftainship, Education and Training, Social Development, Law, Health, Water and Ministry of Energy and Meteorology

Of the expected Ministries the following came; Ministry of Water, Health, Communications , Energy and Meteorology, Agriculture and Food Security, Small Business, Cooperatives and Marketing, Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation while- Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Local Government and Chieftainship, Police, Law and  Social Development  did not show . The community parliament will be staged at the end of the month of November 2019 in Maseru, with representation from forty two (42) community councils.


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