The Mokoallong High School in the Berea district was the first to deliberate on the students’ appreciation on how their activism can be used to link COVID-19 awareness and tree planting.  Generally, students from schools in the eight DPE working areas see the peaceful school model philosophy as a way to break the chains and vicious circle of poverty in their schools and communities but also see COVID-19 as a good crisis to use. 

The student cabinet at Mokoallong High School debated the benefits of school orchards, link with COVID-19 and resolved to partner with DPE create school orchard where each student would be encouraged to plant a tree.  The student commitment to ensure that the tree survives to maturity would reflect the love to the school and hope that all those affected by Corona shall survive.  Despite the current pressing and frustrating circumstances caused by COVID-19, 19 out of a total of 25 schools will soon have their own school orchards.  Following approval by student cabinet, the Minister responsible shall take the matter to the Student Council also referred to as student parliament for approval. The Peaceful School Model is an initiative through which DPE contributes to the building of culture of peace in schools.

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