Development for Peace Education together with other three sister organisations namely Lesotho Council 9f NGOs, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and Transformation Resource Centre received the equipment from Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) as part of COVID-19 materials, to perform the work smoothly during the life of 12 months of the work. The laptops will help for the report writing and records keeping. This will also facilitate easy means of interaction between the partners as the way of observing physical distancing. The laptops will enable NGOs to communicate and seek information necessary for Community.

DPE in this work is assigned to organise active dialogue sessions stimulated by community theatre as a main activity. This intervention is under objective 2: To build community agency demanding rapid government response to service delivery challenges faced by vulnerable groups. The target is at community level where these dialogue sessions are expected to take place. Community through their community leaders are expected to take fight against COVID-19 at their villages. Other organisations are doing some activities at different levels and targeting different audience with the same purpose of address the COVID-19 in the country. The work  is now in the second quarter. This support from OSISA is part of a  long time relationship with the civil society organisations in Lesotho. This support happens before COVID-19 at different levels of development highly appreciated even during this hard times.





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Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa


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