DPE in collaboration with Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) took to Mphaki High School on the 29th September 2021 on fact finding visit to understand circumstances which led to the torching of the of the school buildings in what was termed the student strike.

The  teachers told DPE-LCN team that the strike erupted at the time least expected and caused the serious damage ever experienced by the school  which is prone to students strikes. Teachers could not identify the cause except to rely on the feedback by parties including students during the post violence engagements.  Students on the other hand expressed concerns over the teacher conduct on a number of issues whipping.  While student concerns could not be undermined, it was their dominant view that the strike was not necessary.

Though Mphaki High School is in the DPE catchment area where the Peaceful School model is being implemented it could not enroll. However, the leadership and teachers as well as students are eager to be part of the efforts building peace in schools. DPE implements peaceful model in the 24 schools found in the DPE areas namely Seforong, ‘Mamaebaba, Khoelenya, Hloahloeng, Kuebunynane, Lebakeng, Lekokoaneng and Polihali.

DPE is expected to start with introduction of the peaceful school model in the school soonest. The teachers would also enroll in the year long on line peace education for teachers course ran by the DPE and the HWPL.

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