The Morifi Community High School action to mark the 19th birthday of the school through peace celebration was groundbreaking. This was an extension of national celebration of the International Day of Peace in Lesotho. Schools affiliated to the DPE peaceful school model are expected to localize peace efforts so that eventually schools become peaceful learning environment.

This is a continuation of United Nation Peace day celebration that took place at Maseru club organized by DPE and UNDP on 21st September 2021.

The decision of the to link peace and the celebration of the birthday was glorified by the presence of learners, school board members, parents, and teachers. The day was observed in different ways including: The reading of the message of the UN Secretary General followed by lecturing and discussion of the learners on the understanding of peace, how to maintain it, and how it can be destroyed. This came to climax when the miracle of forgiveness occurred. The two learners who had dispute very much to the surprise of all, rose in front of the gathering and hugged. This embrace marked the end of bad blood between the two and begun a new chapter. This demonstrated that one the school environment is filled with peace, the rest will follow.

Most importantly Morifi Community High School established a Peace Orchard where 20 fruit trees were planted. Happy birthday Morifi and happy international celebration of international day of peace.


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