“The culture of peace provides a basis for commitment and consistency of integrity which are required for non-violence”. This was said by Sofonea Shale, the DPE Coordinator at the Student Leadership & Peace workshop organised by the Moshoeshoe I institute for Peace and Leadership of the National University of Lesotho on the 25th of January 2023. (Presentation). The student reaction and appreciation of other participants was more interactive and engaging. 

The DPE was invited to speak on the topic, the Culture of Peace and Non-violence in the training workshop which also benefited from the speakers drawn from the Lesotho Defence Force, Lesotho mounted Police Services, the University Lecturers from different departments and the Moshoeshoe I Institute of Peace and Leadership at the National University of Lesotho. The work of the Institute resonate with the Peaceful School Model of the DPE and the general peace work the organisation is doing. The students are expected to promote non-violence in their action within and out of the campus. 

DPE remains a critical player in promoting the culture of peace which it does by empowering people to use dialogue to unlock public participation, make their voices heard and claim their rights.