Development for Peace Education took a remarkable action to advocate for dialogue and people’s participation in the government decision making process. On the 14th of February 2023 at State House, DPE had a meeting with the Prime minister and the cabinet where it requested the participation of the government as it intends to mark the end of 100 days of government in office. This Citizen-Government Constructive Engagement Campaign (Oa ka Molangoana in re-building Lesotho) attempts to unleash potential of every Mosotho and making every voice heard.

In his presentation, the DPE Coordinator, Sofonea Shale said ‘This initiative shall enable the public to engage with the government to voice out their issues of concern and to give government policy direction’. It is at this meeting where Hon Minister Selibe Mochoboroane said that DPE has long been the civil society organization that does citizens’ advocacy. I learned through their platforms that “there were three constituencies in the country that did not have electricity at all…”. He told the cabinet adding that it would benefit the government a lot if DPE approach is taken in the positive light. He appealed that the government buys the idea of embracing the DPE proposal and commitment to attend.

Hon Limpho Tau, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office thanked the cabinet for having allowed DPE to present its pitch noting that what DPE proposes builds the necessary bridges between government and citizens.