Development for Peace Education (DPE) yet again heard during its two-days tour of the health facilities in the Qacha’s Nek District on the 9th and 10th May 2023 that patients and the people served regard their interaction with health professionals in adequate.

This was revealed during the presentation of the feedback on that data collected on the satisfactory levels of patients about the service they receive at the various health facilities under Community Led-Monitoring (CLM) initiative. The voices from networks of key populations and people living with HIV and other chronic diseases are shaping the advocacy for quality health services. During the district wide visit, DPE also facilitated sessions where more voices where heard about the quality services offered. These voices will inform dialogue at the health centres where issues which can be resolved in the locality will be identified and worked upon while others will be referred to the District Heal Management Team. In the event that the district authority is not able to handle some, they will be referred to the national level.

DPE has learned that on many areas, the health facilities are credited by the patients and communities. In a very clear and loud way, patients served in the ART corners are happy about the attitude displayed by the professionals. Hardly has it been heard that health professionals violate patients’ rights.  Endowed in citizens driven advocacy DPE, realises that more training and exposure of patients and communities to the health rights including patients charter is necessary.  

DPE campaign touched Mohlapiso, Christ the King, Sekake, Melikane, Matebeng, Lebakeng, Hermertage, Sehlaba Thebe, St Francis and Rankakala Health Centres as well as Machabeng and Tebellong Hospitals. DPE is charged with Mokhotlong and Qacha’snek while other districts are under other organisations.

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