Development for Peace Education through its initiative called Peaceful School model aimed at assisting students with good leadership conducive environment in schools held Student Minister Dialogue on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights – SRHR on the 22nd of March 2024 at the 8 community libraries with 27 high schools. The dialogue was attended virtually while physical participation was Khoelenya Community Library with six schools. Participants were members of the student government mostly from the elected student cabinet/executive namely Minister of Education and Health from each school.

Following the introduction and definition of SRHR, students shared their experiences on the issues regarding their day to day lives at home, schools and peers. They stressed that they lack clear and accurate information and end up relying on the false information of their peers because parents are never willing to talk about such information with them. As a result, they indicated that they fear to approach their parents with these issues. In addition, they pointed that life skills subject is ineffective because teachers are hesitant share other information in avoiding saying some of the words.

It is through this dialogue that they recommended that their parents should be sensitized with these issues so that they can open up to their children and share accurate information.  Adding that, this kind of sessions  play an important role in their lives as they consider them fruitful and as their part of learning. Moreover, students plead with the government through Ministry of Education to provide schools with sanitary towels for the vulnerable students who at times fail to make it to school while on their periods.

Students marked the dialogue to be very significant and made strong recommendation that it should be held regularly to assist them in making informed decisions in the future.